Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Roof Down, One To Go

I finally contacted the roofers to come and put on the roof, but my work is not yet completed. How's that for living life on the edge? I still need to remove the excess moss on the shingles, and that requires me putting my feet on the roof. My plan, which is always beautiful and perfect in my mind, is to extend the ladder as far as it will go, use the other ladder to get up there, and then scale the roof by walking up the ladder. Professionals do this all the time, and they make it look so easy.

Getting on the roof is the easy part, it's the getting down part that gets me. I'd been told that removing moss was easy enough with a stiff broom, but like all things in life, it wasn't that simple. Some of that moss is glued on with super-glue. I couldn't get it off with a hammer and chisel. Actually, that would probably work, but would also put a hole in the rood.

The situation is complicated by the fact that I have no time, with making dumplings and carting the kids off to various activities and shopping for food and fighting woodchucks. I still need to finish splitting and stacking the firewood. Okay, enough of my whining, at least for the next half hour.

I spent the better part of the day scrubbing the moss off. I started with a rough brush to loosen the stuff, then used a push broom to remove the last of it. Even then, there were times when I had to use my finger to scrape the stuff off. It seems like the sun baked the stuff on. That's what happens when you put things off.

By dinner time, I'd finally gotten the roof into marginally acceptable condition, and can now move onto the other roof. I'm hoping this one won't be as bad. Truth is, the roof on the barn was pretty bad, and was left that way for years, so it makes sense that it was a challenge. The roof of our house should be interesting because it has a much steeper pitch, so when I slip and head down to the ground, I will have achieved the maximum volume possible when free-falling. I can't wait. Isn't gravity a great thing?

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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