Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Bounty and Keeping Woodchucks at Bay

The garden is moving along at a fair clip, no thanks to me because it is really the hard work of R. We're still asking ourselves if gardening is worth it. R is doing a great job, considering that she holds a job and is a mother to a children and mate to me. Life isn't easy out here in the woods, and it really struck us how busy and difficult summer is. It is really a misconception that summers are relaxing and easy. Not on this end of the planet.

We have been devouring turnips and their greens lately, and it is not something I'd eaten in the past. In fact, when she told me that she was growing them, my first thought was, why? Who eats these things.

Of course, they came out beautifully, so we immediately set about searching for recipes on the web. We came upon a great one with sauteed onions and bacon. A new family favorite, and fairly easy to prepare.

As of today, we have not seen the re-emergence of the woodchuck, so maybe my tormenting him had some effect. That, or the mending job we did on the fence. Whatever be the case, we'll take it.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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