Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Doors Down, Three to Go

Thanks to JH, we managed to install two doors (count 'em, two doors) on the barn. I had spent the previous week preparing the ROs and he came over to install. I figured that it would take half an hour and we'd be done, but of course it took a lot longer than I'd expected, or for that matter, hoped. The reason is that doors are tricky, you really have to get them in right or they won't open or close properly. What a drag. It doesn't help that they are heavy and extremely cumbersome, but such is life.

So JH and I wrestled with the doors for a few hours and managed to get them in, but not before I basically took a bath in silicone caulking. That stuff gets everywhere. We could have gone on for longer, and JH had indicated that he was ready to, but we had places to be, so I reluctantly put off installing more doors until next week. We had to get to the bike store to find A a new bike, and we also had t-ball (my first practice as coach-yikes) and guitar after that, so no time to waste actually trying to build a house.

One note-the wood pile is about 40% done. Meaning that when we reach 50%, we'll have enough wood (hopefully) for this winter. 100% will mean we have two years worth of wood, which amounts to about 10 cords. Is that crazy, or what?

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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