Friday, April 9, 2010

Inching Forward and Small Fruits of Our Labors

Okay, inching along here, we are starting to show signs of progress, if you can call it that. First off, I still have about six cords of wood in log lengths, but I blocked up about 3 cords last fall and am in the process of splitting them, so the pile is probably past 40% of my goal. Mind you, when I reach 50%, I will have enough wood for this year, and by 100%, I'll have two years worth of wood getting ripe for burning. Another key aspect of being a real man in Vermont is having two cords of wood at the ready. Having firewood OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) helps in this regard.

Also, believe it or not, our lawn is starting to look like a lawn once again, meaning green, or at least green-er (it's hard to tell in this pic, but take my word for it). Now don't get me wrong, last year the lawn was green, it's just that it was green with weeds, of the broad leaf variety. We're talking ground ivy and wild strawberries, which sound sort of appealing at first, but their appeal eventually wear thin. It was kind of embarrassing, actually. The philosophy that I hear all the time up here is if it's green and you can mow it, then leave well enough alone. While there is some merit to that, I still think that if you can pull it off with a reasonable amount of effort and no chemicals, then why not? My approach thus far has been rather than seek and destroy the weeds, I'm going to encourage what I want to grow, i.e., grass.

I'm hoping it'll work, but for all I know, it's just grass that would have come up regardless of my efforts, but I like to think I played some role in the end result. Chalk it up to the frailty of the male ego, we need a pat on the back now and then. It validates our existence. Speaking of which, my wife R said today that she thought the lawn was looker nicer and greener.

Did I mention that the windows are ready to be put in (only about a million times)? I spoke with JH and he's coming over next Thursday to put in the windows. Being the home improvement guru that I am (ha!), I'll oversee the operation. Talk about a disaster impending. Between the two of us, we should be able to get something done, but you never know.

There is another project that really hardcore contractors have encouraged me to do, but other reasonable and competent builders have told me is unnecessary. It involves installing support between the ceiling joists so that they don't buckle and collapse under the weight of the second floor. I've heard conflicting theories about this, but I'm inclined to do it, because not only do I need more things to do, but I've got the wood on hand, so I might as well use it. Plus, it's a fairly easy to do job.

There are a few projects that bum me out because I'll have to get on the roof, but more on those later. In the meantime, there is still the issue of the front porch. I don't think R would be too happy if I kept it covered in plastic for another year. With our brilliant plan to use concrete having crashed and burned, I now have to come up with plan B. The big question is, what exactly is plan B?

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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