Monday, January 18, 2010

Youth Performance and Trustee Me

I've lost track of whether or not I've touched on this, but last weekend we went to the Emerging Artist Exhibit at the town hall, sponsored by the local community connections committee headed up by none other than JM, the de facto, unofficial mayor of our town. Then again, there are a few people that fit this role.

The show was fantastic, the kids were amazing. As teens, to get up there and perform like that was truly commendable, but they were also really good. So much talent in his area. Afterwards, there was food and mingling, then a dance, which I think this town needs more of, though the turnout was a little sparse.

We had a blast, the kids, especially A&N and A&I, really had a blast, though they were the only little kids out there. N in particular surprised us with his dancing prowess, and you could tell he and his sister had loads of fun with it. As did we, though I'm not used to dancing without a few cocktails in my system. A vestige of my college days. After a few dances, however, I was warmed up enough to cut loose.

On another community note, I've been asked to be a trustee at the library. Don't ask me why, and for that matter, what a trustee even does. I got a random phone call from the departing trustee and was surprised at the call. They must be desperate for Asian men with long hair, because not only am I not qualified (what exactly are the qualifications), but I didn't even think that I knew enough people to even be considered.

The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. Before I can begin my glorious career of public service, I need to be "elected" by the town, which entails obtaining 25 signatures on a petition. They circulated three copies, one in the town hall, one in the library, and one in the local store. As of this writing, the copies in the store and the town hall each had a whopping total of 2 signatures, and the one the store was signed by R, my wife. Talk about rejection!

I have to admit, it kind of hurt my feelings, in a real man kind of way, of course. R tried to comfort me by reminding me that people don't pay attention to those things and you have tell them. I didn't realize I had to campaign for this position, which is not something I really look forward to, but hey, sometimes you have to prostitute yourself. It wouldn't be the first time.

So I got on the horn and called/emailed as many town folks as I knew (all three of them... just kidding) and asked them to sign my petition. I was even given a blessing by the director, MD, who alluded to the fact that the clock was ticking. Yikes!

Either way, if I have to, I'll stand outside the store and beg people on my hands and knees. At the very least, it'll get people's attention.

On the campaign trail in the Green Mountain State. Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Angel Norris for the pic.

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