Thursday, January 28, 2010

YakTrax and Chainsaw Maintenance

With the crazy weather and all, it has been wrecking havoc on our driveway. First the rains come and melt the snow, then the arctic chill turns it to ice. Of course, in typical dad fashion, as I was walking to the car to load up the recycling and, you're going to love this, slipped and fell while standing perfectly still. The car is parked on a slight hill, we're talking inches of vertical climb, but enough to cause me to lose my footing and spill the cans all over the driveway. Thankfully I wasn't hurt too badly. My ego, on the other hand...

In the past, as February arrived, I had to wear my snow shoes to go get wood and do assorted chores around the yard because the ice was so bad. I decided this year to get some attachments for my shoes called Yaktrax. They are basically rubber sole covers with wires looped around them for grip.

Let me tell you, they've changed my life. I can walk with confidence, and they're barely noticeable. No more slipping for me, though I'm sure I'll find another way to injure myself.

Also got out my chainsaw and sharpened the blade. I can feel Spring coming, time to cut some wood. I did realize that as I sharpened my blade, I managed to nick the links a little, which is cause for concern. I may need to replace it and be more careful in the future, because the last thing I want is for that chain to break while I'm using it. I have a replacement chain and will probably switch them and take the old one in for examination.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

got yaktrax, cleaned and sharpened my chainsaw


MMP said...
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phredude said...


Thanks for the info, we are actually aware of the plans for a farmer's market and are hoping to get involved as vendors, though this is all new territory for us, so we'll see where it goes. BTW, where are you located? Are you in the Upper Valley? Just curious. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.