Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wood Revelations

We've realized that we might very well use around 5-6 cords of wood, but it's too soon to say. The problem is, it's only January and we've used up almost all of the first stack, which we estimated to be around 4 cords. At the current rate, we'll probably burn about 6 cords, which means that we might have to stack more wood.

Another problem that we're having is that the darn wood isn't dry. I did everything I was told, and the stuff still hisses when it burns. What a bummer. So, now I'm thinking I have to split more right now and give it more time to dry. The bright side of this is that I like to split wood, and that now is a good time because the wood is frozen (makes splitting easier) and it's cool outside.

I have about two cords of blocks in the woods, and about half a cord behind the barn. My plan is to split them over the course of winter, stack it to dry, and then add it to the pile. Hopefully that will be enough time to dry.

One additional note, I think I'm going to tackle sweeping the chimney. This should be interesting.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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