Monday, May 7, 2012

Working in the Great Outdoors

As much as I love winter and the snow (and hockey), I have to confess, it’s really nice to be working outside. I tend to get tired and sleepy when I’m inside all the time, especially by the wood burning stove, but once I get outside, I sure do feel invigorated. There’s something to be said about being out there and getting dirty working with your hands. It somehow speaks to the male psyche.

Last week I started in on some of the big outside jobs, including cutting wood and mowing the lawn. At some point we’ll have to work harder on the garden, but I’ve been told you can do that as late as June 1. I started cutting the wood and got about 20% of the way in when I had some problems with the chainsaw, so we’re on hold until we hear from Joe’s. I had a bunch of pine blocks that I cut last year and started making kindling with them, which meant I got to use my new axe. The thing is sharp and kind of scares me.

My current plan for kindling is to keep most of the year’s supply in the basement, but have a good supply outside under shelter. This way it dries over the winter and we have a stash we can turn to if we run out. I tend to go easy with kindling, using only a few pieces to start the fire, but everyone else seems to like to pile the stuff on. I can’t complain because it’s nice when the kids build a fire, but they do get a little enthusiastic with the stuff. It’s easier when you’re not the one who has to make it all.

I spent the better part of Saturday mowing the lawn, and it’s looking pretty good, if I may say so myself. We haven’t put an ounce of chemicals on it, so I’m glad it’s growing naturally. It sure does look nicer once it’s coiffed, even though the dandelions always seem to take over, seemingly more so this year. You just can’t beat the weeds.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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