Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Progress Before Departure

I just may accomplish my goal of cutting the wood pile before we leave, but even if I don’t, I’ve gotten far enough along so that I would be satisfied. I’ve been cutting like crazy, and if you can believe this, I’ve managed to get most of it done in just a week. That’s cutting just for a few hours in the AM. By noon, I have to cut out and make lunch, or it gets too hot. Also, we had really heavy rain one day.

My point being, I think I can cut up 7 cords of wood in a week’s time. Of course, I could probably do it sooner if I had nothing else going on, but that’s another issue.

Speaking of wood, I’ve been stacking as fast I can, also, and am about halfway finished with replenishing this Winter’s wood. The pile was already about 80% complete, and that’s wood that, by the time we use it, will have cured for 2 years. We had to tap into it last Winter’s supply because I am still learning over here. Either way, I figure that if I replace the wood now, by the time Winter comes, it will have dried enough. I will start burning at the other end of the pile, so by the time I get to the newer wood, it will be around February, which will have been about 10 months. Until I figure out the optimal amount of wood to stack, that’s as good as it’s going to get.

I also finished tuning up the lawnmower, which entailed replacing the blade and air filter, changing the oil and then firing it up. It amazes me how dull the blade gets from just cutting grass, though I’ve nicked a few rocks here and there. I had some concern that it wouldn’t start, and was prepared to haul it off to Joe’s, but it worked. I was elated. I even considered mowing the lawn before we leave, but decided against it. We have too much to do. I will say this, by the time we get back, our lawn is going to be a jungle.

I think this will be the last entry on this blog until we return, so for now, be good and thanks for reading.

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