Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Barn

We are ready to get the Barn show on the road, but realize we need some serious assistance. While JH and his magic bag of tools can work wonders, he’s got a full time job, and we think we might need someone who can come more frequently. The possibility of HH helping came up, and she’s a professional contractor who is in the process of changing careers. She still has the experience, not to mention the tools, as well. We broached this with her, and she is interested, so it might work out.

Best of all, she could lead this project, which would be extremely helpful. The only problem is, the future is uncertain because she is looking for jobs, and when she finds one, it’s bye-bye to her. Hopefully under her tutelage, we can make huge strides. I feel like once we get over a critical hump, then the project will cruise, but things like this never get easy.

The first steps will be to finish blocking the joists, install a soffit, and design a bathroom so that BS can help install the pipes and we can have plumbing. From there, I’m guessing electrical, and then insulation, drywall, and then floors. There’s also the issue of siding, but that can wait.

It’s hard to imagine at times, but we have complete confidence that this house will get built. Maybe even by next week. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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