Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not Another Progress Report

Yesterday I also managed to get the front gable further along to the point where I think R is a little more pleased and might even be on the path to believing that there's hope for me. For the record, it sure as heck wasn't easy getting all that sheathing on, and I dropped a piece or two just hauling it up to those lofty heights. I also have yet to finish the very apex of the gable, but for now, it looks good enough to give the appearance that things are being done. Works for me. If I can get the backside sheathed in the next day or two, then all that's left is framing the back gable and sheathing it (a bear of a job, mind you), and then it's time to put on the Tyvek.

Then I'll have to think about fascia and soffits, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. I've got a header to remove.

I've also received some good news about the dormers. I've been told by two reliable sources, one of which is my Mentor, that I don't necessarily need to remove the boards on the dormers and can instead simply cover them with Tyvek and put siding over that. That's a huge relief because I was struggling with how I was going to get up there and cut out those boards, which would have required removing the windows first. It's the little things in life.

Also, I'm closer to being done sheathing the backside of the house. Once that's done and I can frame and sheath the back gable, I'm in pretty good shape in terms of putting on the Tyvek and keeping out the moisture. Some other new issues have come up but I won't fret over them until I speak with my Mentor or building expert, PR. Then I'll fret about them.

This week we'll talk to the tree guys and the roofing guys. Need to order shiplap and look into getting the septic installed. Last night R and I resolved to relocate all lumber into our basement so we will have more space to work in the barn and won't have to worry about the wood getting wet.

Today I need to get to Home Depot to pick up our windows, which came in. Bummer that my Mentor is back in Maine because his truck would be perfect right now, but you can't worry about stuff like that. You just gotta find a way. I've also got to do the food shopping since it's the weekend, but it works out because they are right next to each other. I know most of the contractors I know buy their building supplies and then do the grocery shopping in the same trip... yeah right. In their wives dreams.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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