Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leaving JH (and his MBoTs) Hanging

I had to bail out on JH last week, though the weather was a contributing factor. With the return to dumplings and the rush to get our school material in to the state, working on the barn had to take a back seat. For the past several weeks I had bailed out on him, though in all fairness, the guy is busy with a ton of stuff himself. Besides working full time, his family owns a cottage over on a lake that took a serious hit from Irene, so he has plenty of work cleaning up and repairing that.

Even still, he said he’s ready to begin working on our projects, it’s just that we are busy on my end. What the heck else is new? This past week, we had vowed to work on the barn, and sure enough, I had a ton of stuff to do. Even with all that, however, I stayed the course and told JH we could meet. Then, the weather actually worked in my favor, and it rained. With the poor weather, we decided to put it off for another week, and see how it goes. He also mentioned that he changed his schedule and could now work on Fridays, so that might work out well.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Penny Mathews for the pic.

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