Friday, September 30, 2011

Finishing the Front

We’re moving at a snail’s pace on the front, but at least it’s moving. Not unlike traffic in LA, eventually you’ll get to where you’re going. I would say the front is about 95% done. I just need to get that one piece of trim in below the door, and voila, we have a front porch, sort of. Not so much a porch as a front door, but it has porch-y qualities.

I put the trim in around the door, but there were gaps in between the door and window trim. Originally their were pieces that were flush in between so it looked like one continuous frame, but my brilliant idea was to put in pieces that were recessed a bit, giving it a more dramatic effect. I’m all for more drama in our lives. The problem is, cutting a piece that fits perfectly inside is difficult, but ripping a 7 foot piece that is 1 inch wide is pretty much impossible, especially in my hands. Plus, the table saw scares me.

What I ended up doing was ripping the pieces a little bit small so they would fit in, and then filling the gaps with copious amounts of vinyl caulk. After it dried, I painted it, and it actually looked pretty good. I’m definitely better at doing a sloppy job at first and then going back and making it look prettier. Sometimes this works, other times you only get one chance.

Going back and cleaning it up reminds me a lot of writing, you just get the first draft down and then re-write and edit it until it reads nicely. Amazing how that works.

One last piece of trim to put in, and I think I’ll be finally done with that front step. Hard to believe.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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Happy Kid City said...

What a gorgeous house!