Monday, January 10, 2011

Securing the Header

I finally broke out my hammer and nails and secured the studs holding up that header in the vestibule. I generally use a board that is just slightly big for the space, something my Mentor agrees with, so when I actually push it into place, it is relatively secure. If you wanted to, you could dislodge the piece with a good whack of a hammer, but otherwise it will hold itself in place.

This time around, one of the boards was slightly off, necessitating some shimming, but even with shims, it wasn't that secure. This came to light on numerous occasions when I'd come downstairs in the morning and the board will be dislodged. It amazed me that I didn't hear it, but I also wondered why it fell. I later learned that it was the cats sharpening their claws. The force of the pull was enough to loosen the board, sending it falling. I bet the cats were sure surprised.

I knew I had to nail in the board, it was just too darn easy to put it off. That is, of course, until today. I finally took the time to do it, and as usual, it was quick and easy, and I wondered, again as usual, why I took so long to do it. That, however, is a question for which there is no good answer,

At least the boards are nailed in, and it's one less thing weighing on my shoulders. Thanks for reading.

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