Monday, January 24, 2011

Future Bookcase

I want to build a small bookcase to house the albums for my photo archiving. The one I am currently using is adequate, but in hindsight, smaller than I really need, because do we ever have a lot of albums, which continue to grow. The boards I used were 1X8 pine, but I should have used 1X12 so I could place two rows of albums on each shelf, thus doubling my capacity (I took math in college). What I plan to do is make a wider shelf, and then use the old one to house pottery creations.

Because I am limited in both my ambitions and abilities, I tend to make them 4 feet high and 2 feet long, which is more than enough for a small shelf. This makes it simple because I can get a 4X2 piece of plywood backing at Home Depot, and that’s about the limit in terms of what sort of lumber I can transport in the Fit.

Getting to Home Depot in W.Leb, however, is another matter, and not worth visiting for just one piece of wood. I could get the pine 1X12 for the shelves at Britton’s, but they won’t sell me a 4X2 piece of plywood, and I’d have to get a 8X4 piece, which is not only way too big, but more money than I’d like to spend.

I figured I could just build the shelves, stain them, and then put the backing on later after I’d made my way to W.Leb at a later date, but when I went to Brittion’s, they had a piece of scarp plywood that he gave me for a song and dance. It was bigger than I needed, but he cut it to size and it will work perfectly.

I love when that happens. Now I just need to get started on that case. I got the miter saw in place, so that’s a good first step.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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