Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Martha Stewart Meet Bob Vila

Okay, I’m on a roll here with the projects that would make Martha Stewart proud. A had been asking for a way to store her jewelry, so the men in her life came to the rescue. N, being the fantastic brother that he is, was aware of this fact and made her a jewelry box in pottery class that he gave her for Christmas. I thought that was incredibly thoughtful of him.

Next up, something for her necklaces. I had the option of either putting dowels in or hooks, which would have been much simpler. A even said some simple nails would do the trick. I went to Aubuchon and got the hooks but also found some nice carved designer dowels. I decided those would be much nicer, and set about putting them in.

After drilling the holes and a dab of wood glue, we were in business. Of course, I found out later that she has even more necklaces, so I’ll need to go back to the hardware store. Oh well, another chance to be a knight in shining armor. A real man in training needs this in his life now and then.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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