Monday, June 14, 2010

What a Difference 1000 Dumplings Make

You may have noticed a theme in our lives lately. Believe me, it was not the intended goal for dumplings to take over our lives, but it's happened, and needless to say, we have dumplings on the brain. We made an attempt to be more organized and focus our efforts on being more efficient by making as many as we can on one day, freeing up the rest of our week. It's a good plan in theory, but making 1000 dumplings is a bear of a job.

However, it did free up time for me to finish things around the house. Now that I got my real-man's chain, cutting wood is much quicker, though it makes me more tense using a "real" chain. I can feel it wanting to take control, and am more wary when I use it, but boy does it cut through wood. I had a spare chain that I keep on hand in the event that I need one in a pinch, but it was a safety chain. I went in to exchange it and told the guys at Joe's what a difference the chain made, and they said, "We told you so."

I've also finally finished putting the windows in on one of the dormers. It took me quite a while, with the weather and farmer's markets making it difficult, at best, but I've managed to get it done. It was actually a little tricky getting the windows up the second story and then installing them by myself, mainly because they are heavy and fragile. Funny how that works.

I pulled them up with a rope, technique compliments of JH, and then put them into the ROs from the inside. I tied them up to the rafters for fear of dropping them, and once they were in place, I pulled them in and secured them. I then went onto the roof platform and nailed them in. I was actually able to put in a lot of nails by simply leaning out the window, which made it fairly easy.

I would say that I'm about 95% done with that dormer. After finishing touches on the fascia taping the windows, I can move on to the other dormer. What fun. My plan was to get as much done on one dormer before moving my platform, which is a bit of a chore in itself.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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