Thursday, June 17, 2010

And Now For Dormer #2

So, if you can believe this, I'm done with dormer #1, at least for now. I broke down the platform and re-installed it around dormer #2, and the second time around was much smoother than the first. In fact, I got about three days of work done in one day, which is a good thing, because the roofers called the other day and were wondering what the deal was, and I told them I needed more time. They said fine, but probably thought I was a total loser, which isn't that far from the truth. How embarrassing, though I'm not sure if they're too worried, they got their deposit.

After getting the platform up and moving the harness line, I managed to remove the windows and will begin working on the fascia. I ended up doing battle with several wasps/hornets that have built nest in and around the dormer, which is a bummer. Nothing worse than hanging precariously from the roof and then being attacked by wasps. What's crazy is the sting isn't even that bad, but the thought of it makes me freak out. Not a good thing, and I'm glad I'm tied up, sort of.

I also cleaned up the inside of the barn. R got on my case for it being so messy (actually, she tore me a new one), though in my opinion, it wasn't that bad. Besides, does she really spend that much time in there? It is, after all, a work in progress, and who cares if it's a little messy, it's a construction site? My Mentor would probably concur with R, as would most of the civilized world, to whom I would point out that if a messy work area is a sign of a messy mind, then what is an empty work area? In the end, it's a good thing, the place looks better, but when you're training to be a real man, who's got time for cleanliness? There is the safety issue, of course...

I'm hoping to being stacking wood again, as the pile is cut up and I now need to split, while I await the arrival of our next truckload, but one thing at a time.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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