Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chainsaw Revelations

In a move that is sure to get a nod from my Mentor, I went out and got a real-man's chain for my saw. Up to this point, I'd been using what is known as a safety chain, or an anti-kickback chain (probably referred to by some as a "sissy" chain - I know, I'm hiding my head in shame). I had no frame of reference, so I felt it was fine. The chainsaw still cut wood and I felt better with a safer chain, though I'm not sure how well they actually prevent kickback, a fact that was alluded to me by the professionals. Also, I've recently been noticing that in the process of cutting thick logs, I would get increasingly fatigued and by extension, annoyed. Some days it was a chore just cutting one log, especially when it was hot.

So I decided to man-up and put a new chain on (it even has a different color master link), and when I cut wood yesterday, it was like slicing butter with a Ginsu knife. Simply amazing. Firewood, look out, because here comes Fred Bunyan. Cutting last night felt great, and I think I can get through the last of the wood before we get our next load, but that, like many things in life, is much easier said than done.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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