Thursday, April 2, 2009

Transition Towns

We attended an interesting meeting on the other day regarding the state of the world, and the state of our town. There is a movement called transition towns that wants to make a difference in terms of how we produce and consume resources, and hopefully change for the better. It's a classic example of a good idea that will take some time and effort to take hold, but they said it best: we don't have much choice in the matter, these changes will come, whether we like it or not.

The gist of the meeting was to find ways to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, build stronger communities and learn to be more self-reliant. In an area such as ours, these things are in a lot of ways a way of life, but there is always room to improve. It thought it was nice that there are people of all ages who are making the time to try and change, and that it's a small step but only the beginning.

These are things we really need to think about, and or apathy and hubris of how we live will have to chance. It does make it easier when more and more people are on the same page.

I'd like to write more about this topic but will save it for a later (but soon) time. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Flávio Takemoto for the pic.

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