Thursday, April 2, 2009

Road Repair and Firewood Drama

I don't know what the heck happened, but the wood guy bailed out on PD, and now he's left out in the cold, literally and figuratively. It's still early so there's no need to panic, there is plenty of firewood to be had out there, but here's the dilemma-I told him that if things didn't work out, I'd split what I had with him (how could I not, when he found me the wood?), and now things haven't worked out. He mentioned he might take me up on my offer, but I kind of figured that it would come to this after he'd exhausted all of his options, not just one. Now I'm faced with the conundrum of possibly having to get more wood. I will honor my word, but feel like this isn't over, yet, and we shouldn't be so quick to turn to the option of last resort when there is always hope.

The other thought I had was that our friend, who happens to live nearby to him, also has wood, and he could get it directly from him, rather than getting employing a two-step process of him getting it from me, then having me get it from our mutual friend. It's all so complicated, but I will say this-if the logger dude bailed out, I'm really disappointed. What's up with that? There might be another option, however, and that would be talking to the logger who actually delivered the wood, who was another company. I'll look into that.

I wonder sometimes if it's just not worth the effort to sell us common folks log length wood, though I don't know why that would be the case.

Either way, life goes on, as must we, as well.

On a brighter note, they have fixed Lovers Ln, again. They graded it about a week ago, and it rained and the repairs fell into dis-repair. As I've mentioned, locals have commented that it's one of the worst conditions that they'd seen in years, it was that bad. They came in again and laid what looks like gravel and hard pack, it's gray. It seems to be holding up much better, but could be just a question of time before they need to do it again. There are times I'd like to have it actually paved, but then again, it's nice having a dirt road to slow the traffic when kids/people/animals are present. We don't get a huge amount of traffic, but more than you'd think for a small dirt road, because it connects two bigger roads.

Another negative consequence is that there is a lot of garbage that gets tossed out on the road, mainly McDonald's waste and Bud beer cans. Funny how that works.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to bas for the pic.

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