Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great Karate Class and Dreaming

We had a great class last Monday because it was attended by only three of us, but we lean towards the devotee spectrum. Two adults make the difference, whereas lots of kids have trouble maintaining focus. Either way, PC's son E is a very serious student, so he works hard at it. What made it nice was there were three sensei's, one for each of us, and we had a great class. We didn't spar, but Master Hammond spent the class teaching me bo-jitsu, and I think I'm a little farther along.

I've been obsessing a bit over fighting techniques, and my intense desire to grow as a student has actually resulted in my dreaming about karate. The past few nights I've had dreams of fighting and sparring, and all the while I am hyper-conscious of technique and employing balance in my attack. I personally think it will be rooted in my footwork and my stamina, both of which need a lot of work. But it's fun to think about.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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