Saturday, April 18, 2009

Driveway, Clapboards, and the Weather

I spoke with Mark the excavator, cool guy BTW, about the driveway and he alluded to the same old problem-trucking the hard pack to our house. That stupid bridge in WRJ has been condemned (at least for heavy trucks) so construction vehicles have to take the freeway or drive through Hanover to ship rocks. It's all New Hampshire's fault, they don't to spend the money to fix that bridge, and as a consequence, the economy suffers. The cost of shipping gravel has become prohibitive. I was told a company that built the bridge in Woodstock (they did a fantastic job!) offered to do the one in W. Leb/WRJ, but NH balked at the deal, so nothing has happened. What are you going to do?

Our driveway problem has disappeared with mud season, so we might be okay until next season, but does that mean we should ignore it? It dawned on me that maybe we don't need hard pack, after all, and maybe there's a cheaper alternative. It might require constructing a culvert to divert the water that's making it a mess, but I was told by two reliable sources that it's very doable. Our friend AB who works for UV Land Trust said they do it all the time for trails, and two people could do it with shovels and the proper pipe. I'm all for any real man projects. My mentor GS also said he has experience and would take a look, so the possibilities out there. I'm all for saving money while taking care of business.

In the course of tackling the woodpile, I cannot forget about dealing with the house issues. This summer there are several things that need to be done-I need to protect the frame on the back of the house with ice and water shield, which will require me to tear out the clapboards, put on the Vycor, cover it with felt (I was told this is redundant, but such is life) then replace clapboards. I realize you can reuse clapboards, but they really get thrashed when you pull them out, so we'll see. It's supposed to rain today, so that's on hold for now.

The weather has been fabulous-warm, dry and sunny. It really tempers the mud season, though if you can believe this, it's actually too dry now, and there's a fire warning. You just can't win.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

The weather has been beautiful

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