Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Closer to the Soffit

Yesterday HH came over and we crammed in about 3 hours of work on the barn. It had been awhile, and she was ready to work all day, but I had other things that needed to be done, so we had to cut out early. I think she was disappointed, because she was prepared to get more done. Sorry. On the bright side, she brought her kids and dog over, and they all had fun with N. Plus, they went back over to their house for swimming (they have a small pool), so N had a blast and I’m glad for that.

I wrestle with this because these seem like things I could do on my own, and yet they never get done because I never seem to have the time. Funny how that works. This time around, I’ve resolved to be more diligent about it, because in the end, it doesn’t take that much to just chip away at the stone. Just a little bit at a time, and before you know it, things are moving along.

For now, I need to finish drilling the holes in the soffit board, then cover them with screen. I should then install the strapping on the other side of the barn and cut holes in the soffit board for that. That’s plenty of work until the next time HH comes over, and hopefully I’ll get it done by then.

Thanks for reading.

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