Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Barn in Motion, Karate, and the Weather

You begin to realize why people in the northeast talk incessantly about the weather. It's a crazy thing. I know it's this way every June, but I'm amazed at how much rain we're getting. It's all hot and humid, and everything seems damp, you just can't avoid it. I worry about the house and the threat of mold, but sometimes it seems like an inevitable result with the weather as it is.

Haven't heard from MG lately, wondering if she got the message and gave up, though I doubt it. We were stoked to have GL on board for the barn project, but I get a sense he's chomping at the bit and wants to have the project done yesterday. Fortunately we are constrained by funding and can't do anything until that starts to flow. Fortunately, again, that's not my gig, so we'll wait and see. Money is so awkward.

My duties have increased, however, with having to deal with barn stuff. Research and gathering information about something I have no clue about is always so time consuming, but thus begins yet another stage of my becoming a real man-building a house.

My first step is to find out the cost of our siding options, and of course I have no clue what I'm doing because we have to decide on what siding we want. How the heck am I supposed to know? Just put the stuff on.

I also want to contact M&AP to see if they'd do the septic. More phone calls.

It seems like the rain has taken a break and I don't seem to see any rain, so I might be able to do some work outside. The chimney sweep is coming today, which should be an interesting experience. Not sure what they're going to do.

Went to karate last night and saw the return of R and his mom, M. Weird, thought we'd never see them again. They just disappeared and I figured they were done with Chip and the rest of us, but there they were, and needless to say, it was awkward. They bad mouthed Chip for days on end, then took off, and I figured everyone was all the better for it since they seemed unhappy and their unhappiness seemed to taint the classes. On a bright note, R was able to lead the class and I learned two more katas.. I hope.

I think I'll start on the new wood pile this month, I need to use up the gas, and I think I'll give the Dremel tool a go for sharpening the saw.

Gotta run and get to work. Writing has been going pretty well, consistent if not anything else. I like the short blog work that pays peanuts, I've found a groove, though I'd like to make more bread.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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