Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Windows In and Window Revelations

Okay, so I've been out of touch for the past ten days. My apologies, but with the weather turning tropical and then arctic cold, it's been challenging to get out there and get my hands dirty, but there is still much to do. I've also been trying to focus on matters in our own house, which for the record never seem to end. And, of course, with the holidays in full swing and R's family visiting, there hasn't been much time to do much of anything but hang out and EAT! Not that it's a bad thing, mind you.

On a bright note, my brother in-law, PR, is not only a go-getter, but an experienced and accomplished one, to boot. Since he had a few hours (days?) of free time, he decided to help me put the windows in the barn. Help me is putting it lightly since he ended up doing most of the work. He knew exactly what to do, from caulking to leveling to fastening, it was pretty cool. My father in-law, RR, was there to help, and within a few hours, we'd managed to get the front four windows in. Amazing.

PR was so motivated, that we were on the verge of putting the rear windows in when he declared that the old windows, the same ones that were a source of aggravation and indecision, were not worth saving and to replace them. We'd wrestled with these windows, and after a lot of thought, we'd decided that we didn't want them to go to waste. They do seem like old windows, though, and PR said that he wasn't even sure if they were properly sealed, and they didn't have flanges to keep out the weather. I couldn't even tell you what brand they were, or for that matter, how old. Whatever be the case, RR was there and after much discussion, the decision was made: get new windows! More money, of course, but what else is new in the world of home improvement?

For all it's worth, those windows are pretty big, and since we're talking about the back of the house, we probably don't need to replace all of them with windows the same size, and could probably downgrade a bit without too many bad consequences, but we'll see. Also, the still might work on the shop, since that's a real-man's space, and a little draftiness shouldn't be an issue.

It's funny, because PR was disappointed with the windows, and even more so that the old ones weren't going to work, so much so that he wondered if we could get replacements at Home Depot right then and there. Unfortunately, they don't stock windows that big, because if they did, I would have jumped on that one (you save a bundle that way). So we'll have to order them.

I am greatly indebted to PR and RR for all their help. I think if PR were here for a month, he'd have that thing done and ready to live in. I exaggerate not. The doors were another story for another time.

Now that we have some of the windows in, I can look forward to PR's next visit to put in the rest... just kidding.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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