Saturday, December 5, 2009

Barn Steps and Our House

Today we're hoping to finally get the house wrap onto the barn, but I fell short on some of the things I was trying to finish like getting I&W shield along the bottom perimeter. I think I may have made a mistake on the I&W shield on the windows and doors, but I think I can fix those after the fact. Also, I ran out of time and couldn't get to the doors. Darn.

To compound matters, it started to snow, and I couldn't get that stuff to stick, which seems like not a good thing. I ended up stapling it to the sheathing, which will create a barrier but not an ideal seal. What are you going to do?

I also need to take care of some important issues on our own house, namely the insulation. I have to spend some time in the attic sealing up cracks that are warming up the roof and causing ice dams. What a pain. It's a little nasty up there, and I have to watch my step so I don't put my foot through the sheetrock, or better yet, fall completely through.

My plan this week is to seal up the perimeter of the chimney with rigid foam and expanding foam, then cover it with fiberglass. Then I need to seal up the chimney frame, which is giving off a lot of heat, as well. The beauty of this is I can do it at any time since it's theoretically indoors. Also want to put into place some proper vent, though after looking it over, it might not be necessary. We'll see.

For now, let's get to that barn. Thanks for reading.

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