Saturday, October 3, 2009

Which Siding?

How's this for serendipity, or divine intervention, depending on how you see life?

I had decided, after much conferring with those more in the know than me, which is pretty much everyone, especially my Mentor, to used T&G boards on the side of the barn. They are a better product and provide a better seal against the elements.

I, of course, was leaning towards going with cheaper, which meant shiplap, but finally decided to go for better quality in the interest of building a better house.

Well, after talking to PD about it, he actually recommended against T&G for assorted reasons, as did the people at Bethel Mills. The reasons made perfect sense in retrospect, but took an experience voice to inform me.

The significance of this turn of events cannot be understated in light of the following: when I bought the sheathing two days ago, I had fully intended on buying the siding as well, figuring that it was more convenient to ship everything at once. When I went to LaValley's, however, they were sold out of the sizes I wanted, so I didn't buy any.

Then, a day later, I learn that T&G is not the board of choice. Hmm, someone is looking out for my back. Thanks, BTW. I'll leave it at that.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Andrew Beierle for the pic.

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