Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Small Steps and Even Superman Needed Help

Okay, as part of my new assertive plan, I went ahead and ordered some big ticket supplies. Just for the record, it makes me uneasy to spend large sums of money, which is anything over $50. It still amazes me how much supplies to build a house cost, and even more incredible is the cost of labor. So we're coming out on top with that, even if it takes ten years to build this thing.

I've ordered the rough cut wood for the framing, which is slated to arrive on Friday. We're talking hundreds of feet of boards, but they deliver, and since it's rough cut, it's pretty cheap. Word has come from above that it's time to order doors and windows, as well as the exterior siding. Again, big ticket items, but I've also learned that building supplies are supposed to increase significantly in price in the next year, so the time to buy is now. Installing the siding can occur anytime over the next year as long as the sheathing and Tyvek are on, and they need to be treated, which I've been told I can do over the winter in the basement. I can't wait.

Wow, I'm feeling like a real man already. Next step will be the septic system, and once we get all the sheathing on, we can move on with our lives. Thanks for reading, and thanks to David Siqueira for the pic.

rough cut
windows and doors
more boards out, sheathing in
can't do it alone

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