Thursday, May 14, 2009

Always More Than It Seems

I started fixing clapboards on the house in the AM, figuring I'd get it done before my wife went to work and then I'd have the day to attend to home duties and then have time to jet over to the rec center so the kids could play and maybe split some wood, but no such luck. First off, for a novice like myself, it always takes longer than I'd planned, and then there is always so much more to do.

Besides needing to paint the clapboards, I had to apply I&W shield and then repair and replace the corner boards, which is always a chore because the previous owners couldn't make my life easier by using standard width boards, they had to custom cut theirs. For the record, they were expert woodcrafters, so for them it was a piece of cake. I had to rip the boards out, cut them properly, then sand and paint them, as well as the replacement pieces.

Taking time out to do school work and make lunch, then make dinner throws a wrench in everything, and of course I didn't finish. Total bummer. Luckily there is no rain in the forecast this morning, but storms are supposed to role in this afternoon, so I have to get right on it.

It does look a lot nicer, though, now that the boards are evenly painted and the rotting wood has been replaced. Seeing lots of ants, but I took some to Fogg's and even though nobody really knew what they were, my assistant mentor said he didn't believe they were carpenter ants. Even still, I don't like seeing them on the house and may have to take action.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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