Friday, February 19, 2010

Spice Rack and Good Help

In a true test of real-manliness, I went into the abysmal depths of our basement and made, of all things, a spice rack. Martha Stewart would be proud. I built the thing about a month ago and it sat in the basement because I was going to stain it but managed to put it off. At some point, the question was posed to me, "What's up with that spice rack?"

This, of course, prompted me to go back downstairs and finish the darn thing. Best of all, N came down and helped me do the staining. He did a really good job, he was very thorough and earnest, and put in the time and effort (good help is so hard to find). That boy is such a craftsman, he really loves working with his hands. It got me to thinking that with summer approaching, we could come up with some fun projects for him to work on, maybe even get him his own tools, or just give him open access to mine. That would give him some independence without his overbearing dad watching over him, and also give me some free time. A win-win situation, if there ever was one.

The main impetus to build the rack was because it's a pain looking for herbs and spices when their stacked two or three rows deep. You spend all this time searching for the turmeric or cumin. Now, with the new bionic spice rack, everything is one row deep, so all that will be required is becoming familiar with the layout.

AND, it looks nice, and gives the impression of more space in the kitchen.

On a barn note, I moved more of my tools back out to the barn, which for a person like me, is tantamount to a declaration that barn building will resume soon.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

Finished the spice rack, moved my tools back into the barn

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